AVG- Comprehensive security solutions for a better tomorrow

The virus-prone digital world demands computer and mobile phone users to adopt highly advanced security solutions to hoodwink the hackers and combat all sorts of viruses. These viruses take advantage of security holes to sneak into your devices for stealing your confidential data and using it for ill-purposes. To deal with such security-related issues, AVG has come to the rescue. The worldwide recognized cybersecurity brand offers its customers with highly advanced security software and anti-viruses.

You can choose a suitable antivirus from a plethora of anti-viruses available at its online store, and download it from www.avg.com/retail in your computer system. Once downloaded, the next step is to install, and activate the antivirus using an AVG activation code. Here are the detailed steps for all these three processes:

Steps to download, install, and activate AVG antivirus

  1. Visit avg.com/retail
  2. Provide the correct AVG activation key into the right field
  3. Click Confirm Code
  4. Setup will start downloading on your device
  5. Once the download finishes, double-click or run the setup file to begin the installation
  6. Click Next
  7. When you see the License Terms and Conditions page, read the agreement
  8. Click I agree to continue
  9. Wait until the installation process completes
  10. Proceed to the activation process by double-clicking the downloaded AVG, and visiting the subscription section
  11. Enter the AVG product key and click Activate
  12. Your device is now secured!

Tips to ensure successful AVG antivirus installation

  1. Make sure you have enough storage space
  2. Check the system requirements before proceeding to download AVG
  3. Keep your AVG product key ready
  4. Your device should be connected to an uninterrupted internet connection
  5. There should be no other antivirus or security software installed previously on your device
  6. Follow the standard procedure for downloading, installing, and activating the antivirus
  7. Turn off your Windows Firewall for a moment, if you find an interruption during the download

Call AVG customer support, if you experience an error during these processes. A support technician will assist you immediately.

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